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Anonymous said...

What is the story behind the name tenma4?

James A. Miller said...

Back several years ago, I was trying to come up with a handle that was representative of me. Tenma is a company that makes test equipment and is marketed by MCM Electronics ( As a young geek, getting a regular MCM catalog in the mail was like looking forward to a monthly centerfold. I was/am very much into electronics, and quality audio systems. As a teenager my focus was on car audio. My brother had given me a case of 4-inch midrange speaker drivers. In the local car audio scene, I was known as the guy that used awesome sounding speakers that no one else had ever heard of.

I had been a quite shy teen up until that point. When I had a very loud car audio system, other teenagers began to associate me with it, along with my love for playing music, being an independent thinker, and all things geek. I realized those little speakers had helped shape my identity. When attempted to sign up for an online account, I found "tenma4" was already in use, and one of the suggested nicknames was to add the number "4". Well, those speakers were 4' I became "tenma4".

Today if you search online for "tenma4", you'll likely find a history of forum posts, web pages, and many other things chronicling my interests, growth, and development since sometime in the mid to late '90s.

That may have been a longer answer than you wanted...