Hi, I’m James A. Miller, a live musician/DJ, worship leader, and producer. I eat sleep and breath music, to inspire transformed lives through what changed me; the Gospel message of Jesus Christ. I know most of us are living for less than we were created for. So, I quit my job to sing, perform, DJ, and speak so others might experience this passion, hope, and purpose we were created to live in - God's family. I know the Christ-following life is more fulfilling than any other - and that's worth celebrating!

Now 12 years later, I'm still making noise, preaching, teaching, telling bad jokes, and planting churches. You might find me DJ'ing weddings, playing solo, or as a side-man in various groups, using my voice or multiple instruments...Guitars, basses, trumpet, mixing, sound engineering, teaching music... Yeah. Otherwise I'm a husband, father, child of God, goofball, DIY'er, etc.
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What I Do

Currently I serve as:
  • Original/cover musician/solo artist/one man band - It's me, my voice, various instruments, some pedals, and loops.
  • Musician for Hire - Lead & background vocals, electric bass, acoustic & electric guitars, trumpet, and probably some other stuff...
  • Worship Leader/Musician - I lead worship music solo, or with a band (yours or mine), or I'll serve as a dedicated sideman on electric bass, guitars, and vocals. I'll fill in for your worship leaders or musicians too.
  • *Clean Wedding/Event DJ - Let's celebrate what's righteous! (*Let's discuss!)
  • Church Planter - 3 launched. Worked with several others. My strengths are in organization. I'll help with pastoring, music, tech, administrative...
  • Leader of Floodlight Revolution - A Christian creative coalition purposed to engage the hearts of lost people, and equip the church to do so more effectively.
  • Bible Preacher - The Word of God. Applied.
  • Public speaker/MC - Blah blah blah...
  • Project Studio Producer - If it sounds good, it is good!
  • Music Teacher: I teach bass, trumpet, guitar, and how to mix audio.
Interested in having me lead worship, record on your project, produce, preach, DJ, provide sound reinforcement, teach, perform, edit audio, or speak publicly? My rates are reasonable. Please contact me at one of the following.

Call/Text: 314-308-2235.

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