Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Gear & Philosophy: Humble Beginnings

Ever notice the things you treasure most usually have fairly humble beginnings? I just happened to run across some 2015 pictures from the basement office of my messy old house.

First up is my old Seagull acoustic guitar, which I still love. This guitar was present when we began working with a struggling church plant that had been bumped about the St. Louis area. We rebranded that into CrossBridge Community Church, and instituted a strategy to become more effective in creating a community of Christ followers. Oh yeah, and I still have love for that analog Yamaha mixing board too.

Also in this picture is an electronic kick drum pedal you can see in a following pic, which I used to help me begin the journey of becoming a one-man-band. I didn't keep that setup for very long before upgrading to better things, but again, it was a humble beginning that set me on a path I'm still on to this day.

Here's the pedal attached via messy cable to the drum pad I was using at the time. This was later replaced by triggered tracks, samples imported into a looper, guitar percussion, and Ableton Live.

Later evolution added a couple of bands, combined with my own brand of looping performance. The methods and gear continue to evolve (which is fun), but the mission to lift up the name of Jesus is the same.

Here's the beginnings of my current pedalboard. Well...if you can call it that. The board itself has much more velcro on it now. The power strip has been replaced by one more suitable to music gear, providing cleaner power. There's a new power supply, and several new pedals. All except the modeler are still on the board though. It has been replaced by a looper. Though this board had its top level removed, it's vastly more useable now, serving as signal processing for acoustic and electric guitars as well as bass.

Stay humble. Start where you are. Do what the Lord has placed in your heart, and honor Him with all your ways.

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