Friday, August 03, 2018

Anniversary: 16 Years

So, I'm not great at writing sappy, loving-sounding things. Apparently the way I'm hooked up, all my life, I've searched for what is true, above all else. I spent many of my formative years lamenting that I felt like an oddball, and with adulthood rapidly approaching, figured I'd spend much of the next season of life alone. I'd already committed my life's purpose to the Lord, and eventually trusted that surely the Lord of all creation could figure out how to bring me a wife that would align herself with His Word, beside me. It took me a long time to realize that I'm also, apparently to others, quite independent. How much greater of a miracle it is then that I've been a happily married man for 16 years. This truth is not lost upon me. In fact, second only to the surety of my Savior Jesus Christ, I count my wife to be the biggest blessing I have received. Here's how that plays out.

Recently Denise and I traveled to Memphis, TN, and visited the Gibson guitar factor there. In the finishing area, the store, and various displays were many beautiful guitars. There were a handful I found exceedingly visually appealing. I imagined for a minute, purchasing such an instrument. It was then a realization hit me. Some people buy and treat fancy guitars like their spouse. They get a pretty one and show it off...sometimes as nothing more than a trophy. I on the other hand purchase an instrument to be a workhorse. All of my instruments are players, and make regular appearances as performances.

Similarly, I prayed for a wife that would truly be a help-mate in what the Lord has called us to. The Lord delivered in excess, and she has such a beautiful finish. Uh...I mean she's pretty too! You see, I can't take these truths and set them on a shelf to be admired, gathering dust. My wife, like my instruments, I depend upon, for us to work hand in hand daily, standing upon the truths of our Lord through this life's challenges and sharing triumphs and failures. I say all as a proclamation to this end. Lord, thank you for your continued blessing of my wife, Denise Ainley Miller. The Lord sustain us until death part us.

Denise, thank you for 16 years this far.

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