Monday, April 02, 2018

Where the Rubber Meets the Road

Happy Monday after Resurrection Sunday y'all. This is where the rubber meets the road. Yesterday, I was enjoying celebrating the resurrection of my Lord, Jesus, with my family, and didn't bother posting on any social media.

Back about 2000 years ago, stuff got real when an innocent Jewish man, who acted as a servant to all, took ownership of the claim that He was God in the flesh. A bunch of religious shysters had an oppressive government's corrupt politicians execute this man. Politics as usual...except when the man died, on the third day, He came back to life, proving He is who He says He is.

By early Spring of 1993, I'd come to understand I was a pawn in a cosmic war going on, and I was on the losing side. The thing is, I'd been fighting for all I was worth to prove to myself, and to any God that might be listening or not, that I was in the right. I tried to convince myself that I was a good person. With a whole lot of anger I argued at the sky, alternately trying to be good natured and peaceful, or perhaps somehow better than my peers. Yet somehow those emotionally charged proto-prayers seemed to bounce off the sky as if it were a ceiling and they were projectiles ricocheting back at me. That someone was hearing those prayers, and refusing to accept them. It was as if someone were speaking to me, yet I did not hear a voice. It tormented me so I prayed that God would bring peace within my heart and the relationships I continuously disturbed.

Monday evening, April 19th, 1993, at the age of 13, I attended my parents' church, against my own will, where another Jewish man proved to me the ridiculousness that false religion had brought upon his life, but still maintaining the life he had tried to live left him without hope. All the while, this voice that seemed to speak from outside of me in a whisper screamed within my being that every word he spoke was true. This man had lived life on his terms, just as unsatisfied and in conflict as I found myself. Inside I had to admit there was something real, yet intangible that was speaking to me also. That whisper kept screaming inside of me that I'd been viewing all of life wrong...that I somehow had been deceived.

At 7:39pm, I'd had enough. I knew there was a person I was resisting, and it wasn't the Jewish man standing 15 feet from me. It was the Jewish man who claimed to be God, who had been brought back to life by the power of the Holy Spirit. It was the work of this three-in-one God I was resisting, and He was calling out for me to surrender my will to His. I desperately wanted peace. In a dramatic surrender of my will, marked only by the word "OK", and an uplifted right hand making the peace sign, I stepped forward in that old country church as I was expected to do. By then, I knew all that was merely symbolic of the change that had already taken place in my heart.

When I stepped foot in the aisle, raising my hand and surrendering my heart, instantly the world changed to me... The Holy Spirit had come into my very being. I was reborn, and it was as if I were seeing the world for the first time. I could see things for what they truly were. I'd been incapable of comprehending the oppression and deceit of satanic forces that had twisted every aspect of life. In an instant I miraculously received a new worldview, much of it in great contrast to the views I had clung to so hard just an hour before.

Tuesday, April 20th, was a new day. It was my first day waking up as a saved man. It was the first day of a daily renewed hope. It was where the rubber met the road.

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