Wednesday, January 04, 2017

A Look Back at Prodigal Mile

I once played in a band called Prodigal Mile. That band is working toward a reunion this year. I wrote some thoughts about it.


A long, long time ago, in a place perhaps not so far away, you were cool if your favorite band was the most awesome band no one had ever heard of...and you got to introduce all of your friends to their music. Then that band just happened to show up and play at your college campus. Then when you showed up for monthly "Metro" Baptist Student Union events, that band was there too. They were a group of friends, making music to encourage others to live a life of worship of Jesus Christ.

It was new music. It was shared music. Some of it was original. Together, you were all like family, setting out on a great adventure, to see what our great God had in store for your life.

Eventually, life moved on. We all got jobs, careers, spouses (often from the very same group that hung with the band), mortgages, children, cars, bigger Nerf guns, and didn't leave a cow tongue stuffed in someone's couch. Life crowded out the sounds of the music, but the music resonates still in those whose hearts burn with the Holy Spirit.

Though often times altogether separate, we are many who continue to walk this journey. We are the prodigals, walking this journey with our Lord, trying to make our way home. What joy will fill our souls when on this road we find ourselves on that last mile...that Prodigal Mile.

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