Tuesday, June 07, 2016

James A. Miller Music & Floodlight Revolution announce "CrossBridge 2016"

CrossBridge STL (http://crossbridgestl.org/) is a church plant meeting 10am Sundays in the Arnold Recreation Center. Comprised of individuals around the St. Louis metro area, across the nation, and around the world, CrossBridge STL is a unique blend of cultures, intent on sharing life together through the saving work of Jesus Christ on the cross. This repentant commonality has brought together a community that might seem an odd mixture otherwise - Midwesterners with African immigrants and beyond. CrossBridge STL understands God's central message to us bridges all boundaries so we may live as the family we were created to be. We are better together.

During the summer of 2016, James A. Miller, wife Denise, and a varying crew from Floodlight Revolution are helping to plant and support CrossBridge Community Church. James is presently serving as the interim worship pastor and is forming a worship team. The church would like to invite you to be a part of this adventure. Currently it is seeking passionate individuals to volunteer in the following areas:

* Worship Team & Leader: Lead weekly worship music. Training assistance and resources will be supplied by Floodlight Revolution.
* Setup/Teardown Crew: Responsibly for weekly setup and teardown of necessary equipment and signage.
* Prayer Warriors: A dedicated group of individuals are needed to regularly spend time in prayer for services, heart preparation, spiritual growth, protection, and benefit of all who will attend.
* Greeters: We need folks that love to meet people and talk about what God has called us to do through CrossBridge Community Church. This team will be the first contact many will have with CrossBridge STL.
* Child Workers: We need a trustworthy, secure team committed to caring for the safety and spiritual well-being of CrossBridge Kidz (Pastor Keith shot down my label of “Cross Kids”…). Families need to know their children are safe, cared for, and being taught truth in love.

If you live in relationship to the Lord, love to build new teams, and would like to be a part of this adventure, we would love to have you on board, whether on loan temporarily, or if you're seeking an ongoing church group. If so, please contact one of the following:

James A. Miller
Call/Text: 314-308-2235
Email: james@jamesamillermusic.com

Pastor, Keith Swehla
Call/Text: 314-717-3724
Email: pastorkeith@crossbridgestl.org

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