Monday, November 09, 2015

Slow-Down, TN, & Bill Clinton

So, a quick update: I'm on a singing slow-down for the next few weeks. I was sick last weekend, but still managed to lead worship Sunday morning before entirely losing my voice that afternoon. After 6 days of being completely gone, it's slowly returning. It will likely be a few days before I'm singing again.

James, Rob & Jen Berberich @
CBCC Commissioning Service

At the end of the month I'll be leading worship for CrossBridge Community Church, whom I played at their commissioning service last Sunday. There's a few weeks of my usual bass gig with Chesterfield Community Church on Sunday mornings, and then a 7 week run back with CrossBridge. Throw in a DJing a wedding reception, and attending (not performing...I wish!) the Worship Together 2016 Conference in Franklin, TN. If anyone down Nashville way wants to throw me a bone, I'll happily play something on Saturday, 2/6.

Then it's back home, and time for some potential recording projects, including some of my own stuff, perhaps someone else's solo project or two...and there's a rumor that a once hoppin' band from my past may be doing a reunion recording project. Where ma BSU peeps at?

In the meantime, I'd appreciate prayer for my voice's recovery. Presently I sound like Bill Clinton after a rough weekend, with all the vocal range of an exuberant 8-year-old's sneakers being dragged on a gravel driveway while riding his bicycle...

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