Sunday, November 15, 2015

Jesus: Creator, Savior, King

(From Isaiah 43)

Listen to the Word of God, calling you by name.
He claims you as His own - Do not be afraid.
He bought us with a price, beyond our pain and shame.
Jesus our God - the only One who saves.

Holy God of Israel, owner of history.
All powerful Creator says, "You are precious to me."
I'll gather you together from the far away place,
People for My glory, whom I formed and made.

We can see, and to proclaim is our right,
"Jesus is Lord - All others are lies."
None before. There's no after.
Creator, Savior, King - We're forever in Your hand.

The Lord makes a way from the sin we're drowning in.
Snuffs out His enemies and reigns eternally.
Brings water in the desert, streams in the wastelands,
Restores broken people to proclaim His praise.

Who are you to ignore the God who saves!?
Do you think you've something to offer?
Do you believe, you're doing God a favor with half-hearted belief?
All defense and protest is sin and tiring offense.

God alone blots transgressions and forgets our sins.
When we're repentant people, He brings innocence.
No reasons to argue your case when our fathers sinned.
Submission is the only way to have peace within.

Creator, Savior, and King - Jesus we're in Your hand.

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