Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Children: Curiosity, Fear, & Balance

Recently at a wedding DJ gig I had two interesting encounters with children. The first involved one child wandering onto the dance floor, on the same property, but away from the wedding dinner festivities. I guessed this little girl was about 3. Someone eventually noticed her, and hollered her name, but she wasn't returning.

There was a mixture of fear and curiosity in her eyes as she surveyed the noise-making objects of one duck-footed DJ. With some coaxing, this stranger got her to follow, at a distance, back to the wedding festivities. Upon connecting with a friendly face, I was relieved of child care to continue equipment setup.

The second encounter was different than the first, but also involved fear. I was in the restroom, fearfully struggling for containment with my formal attire for the evening. There was no dressing room, so the handicap stall would suffice. Now if only the door could latch properly.

Half dressed, "This is going pretty well" I thought to myself. The upper half was coming together. Pants on, but I hadn't worked up the nerve to fasten them yet. Time for shoes. No place to sit. I balanced carefully on one foot, phone charger coiled under my chins. Like a C-130 mid-air refuleing I would apply a dress shoe to each foot. Unfortunately, unlike the aircraft, I lacked an altimeter, resulting in a slight overestimation in my ability to maintain altitude. Forgetting the stall didn't latch, I tried to steady myself, but lost my balance, burst through the stall door, and slammed it into the tile wall. I'm not sure who was more startled - myself, at having fallen with all appendages already engaged, or the child that ran screaming out of the restroom. I suppose my unintelligible growling didn't help the stricken child. I was merely trying to regain my balance.

Balance...yeah. That boy may be striving for balance after having witnessed a pantsless, chubby, sweaty, bald beast exploding from the toilet stall. I wonder if he completed what he came in there for...

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