Friday, August 07, 2015

Social Media Break & Leading Worship

So, despite the fact that you may be reading this on some form of social media, the only place I'm making this post right now is my official site. It feeds over lots of places... You see, I'm taking a break from the normal social media sites right now for a variety of reasons, but suffice to say because I believe my heavenly Father is showing me some things that require me to step away from these tools temporarily. That being said, I can hardly wait to jump back onto social media to share the things that God is showing me.

If you're a worship leader, Christian musician, or have ever observed one of my type for very long, you've probably wondered at some point what in the world is wrong with that person! Think of your worst typical day. Think of the normal thoughts and struggles you have as a man or woman, husband or wife, employee, lawn care technician, server, baker, chemical engineer, etc.

Now add to that a very real doubt that maybe what you spend all of your time obsessing over might now even be Biblically supported. (Hint for worship leaders: It is! See this post.) For extra ...sensation, add to that a heap of criticism and the fact that while you're uniquely created, there's a whole lot of people that can do what you do probably better than you do. Depressed yet?

Now let me redeem this. See, our God is in the business of redeeming all who will let Him do so. That even means us quirky artistic types. Despite the fact that someone can wiggle their fingers faster than you, or sing higher, or look less awkward on stage, there's absolutely no one that can replace you. In all of your positive and negative traits, allow the Lord to continue to work on and through you. He's not done or you wouldn't be reading this.

Sure, someone else could probably take your job and do the mechanics of it...but you know what they can't do? They can't do your job like you would do it. So DO IT! A hopelessly wandering and lost world, as well as an oft-trodden upon Church, needs you to be genuine about leading worship. First, worship! Secondly, infectiously share that with your congregation, a bar room full of people, or group of children getting helium balloons at a lemonade stand. Find out what your strengths are and play to them in order to be more effective.

Want to know a secret? I'm not the most dynamic worship leader, but to the best of my abilities, I'm solid. There's probably a dozen younger, smarter, better looking worship leaders in my city. That's OK. I'll sing and play an instrument, with my heart in the right place, pounding my foot into the stage floor until you not only begin to wonder about Jesus, but you're ready to worship Him too. Why? Because comparing ourselves will never bring glory to God. On the contrary, being who He meant you to be will not only glorify Him, but provide strength and direction for you too.

This post has gotten long. As usual, I don't know what the heck I'm doing...but I'm worshiping God and He seems to take care of the rest. See you on social media in not quite a month. I'm sure the Lord will have given me more to say.

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