Friday, June 26, 2015

2nd Statement on Same-Sex Marriage

As a redeemed child of God, minister in His work, and person that seeks to be obedient to my heavenly Father, today marks the day that myself and many others will become criminals for choosing to obey God rather than man. Once again Satan, the god of this world, has counterfeited legally what God created originally in perfection.

I had hoped that our nation was not so far gone as to make Gay *Marriage the law of the land, but I am very sadly disappointed. I know now that we will never recover this nation. It has always had Satanic/Babylonian undercurrents, despite many people who came to this land for religious freedom. Homosexuality always becomes normalized before the downfall of a civilization. 

I wonder now how long before Christian's rights are further trampled. How long before our children are taken away because we teach them the truth? For obeying God rather than man? How long before we are not only an annoyance to those who are perishing, but we are also beaten publicly, tortured, and killed. 

Soon many of us peacefully following the Lord will become enemies of the state...perhaps we already have. Our blood will be shed, as was our Savior's, because He also did not submit himself to the corrupt political-religious system. 

Today I am sad while many rejoice in sin. I am sad for the evil that they and those like them will thrust upon my children. I am sad that my brothers and sisters in Christ will be slaughtered in our own nation. Today begins a much steeper decline in our civilization than we have seen. 

To those who are homosexual and reading this, or supporting the lifestyle of those who are homosexual: Know that I love gay people. It is not my job to condemn them. Instead, if you are in that lifestyle, I urge you to understand that God has a better way for you. He wants more for you. The path you are choosing is leading to death. God offers redemption, healing, and life. 

To those seeking wisdom: Today is about more than just sexual preference. Do not be fooled. Search the Bible. You can trust it. Read Romans chapter 1. 

In love and sadness,
James A. Miller

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