Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Legacy Post: Lineup Change, New Event Categories

If you were following what I was doing back in 2014, my ministry crew, Floodlight Revolution, started out as a band,...because I'm a musician, and that's what I do. Here's a legacy re-post from the previous version of Floodlight Revolution, and its official website.

James Miller and Floodlight Revolution are sad to announce, after more than 9 years, drummer, Dan Deming, is retiring from regular live performances. James and Dan have been involved in a number of performing and recording groups, playing many shows together. As a founding member of Floodlight Revolution, Dan will be sorely missed on the stage, though he intends to still be involved in the recording process of the group.
Dan joins the ranks of a dozen plus people involved in the production of Floodlight Revolution, though the group performs as a trio. Going forward, the music ministry is searching for a live drummer. In the meantime, Floodlight Revolution will continue live performances as a duo, or James performing solo – with several dates on the calendar. James and Luke also maintain a side project called ONEEIGHTY Band, geared toward youth.
Dan Deming’s absence marks the departure of the last original member of the once extant band 1000 Days, where Floodlight Revolution founder James first met Dan and Steve Lamb. James states, “These guys have been like brothers to me. I thank the Lord for them. I appreciate their friendship, and love making music with them. I know Dan will still be making music, even if he has chosen to not parade it out for the world to see right now. I’ll always cherish the ‘good times’ we’ve had together…thought it won’t be the same without telling people ‘Never fear…Fat Dan and Fat James are on the job.'”
Brotherly goofiness aside, Floodlight Revolution remains true to their calling to engage listeners with Truth, encouraging them to seek God’s purpose for their life. On a related note, Floodlight Revolution is now making themselves available for church services, camps, and related activities in addition to their typical community events, car shows, back yard parties, private performances, and limited club dates. The band has a PA system and comes with 150+ songs, most with lyrics available for projection. Check out their E.P., “Prelude to a Revolution”, or book them today!

I've had a lot of fun making music over the years with Dan Deming, Steve Lamb, & Luke Sanders. I appreciate that God gave me that opportunity. What I do as a minister, and artist, continues to evolve. You never know what our heavenly Father will have us doing next. Live the adventure!

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