Saturday, September 06, 2014

Legacy Post from Floodlight Revolution (band) - Fell off the Face of the Earth...

Hey, James here. Sorry if you've been wondering where Floodlight Revolution is recently. I assure you we're still here, but life has been a bit crazy for me and my family. Suffice it to say we have been facing multiple health related issues simultaneously, but we're on the upswing now I believe. That being said, sorry if I have not been my usual self, on top of all forms of communication. I'm sure I'm behind on multiple things, personally and professionally.

I'll be releasing more information in the near future, but Floodlight Revolution has some shows coming up as we try to get ourselves back on track.

In addition to new and confirmed Floodlight Revolution shows, always available on on our calendar page, James & Luke's other band, ONEEIGHTY Band has been gearing up once again, with their most recent performance being this past Wednesday night. Also James has been serving off and on as a guest worship leader, with more possible dates coming up. Stay tuned for the busy musical lives of James, Luke, & Dan.


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