Saturday, July 21, 2012

My Message to, Re: Removing Boy Scout's Ban on Gay Scouts & Leaders

I hope there's no way anyone ever removes the Boy Scout's ban on gay scouts and leaders. A petition to do so merely promotes sinful, immoral, harmful behavior. Despite lies popularly spread to the contrary, evidence overwhelmingly shows to remove this ban would put many boys at risk to dangerous teaching and sexual predation by active homosexuals. Unfortunately we live in a sick society that is busy calling right wrong, and wrong right. The Bible, God's Holy and True Word, prophesied long ago that this would be the case in the last days.

I plead with you to please remove this petition immediately as it is inappropriate and indecent. I further urge you, and all who are considering such a petition, to repent, turning from their sinful thoughts and ways. Indeed repentance is the only thing that will save our society from eventual destruction, and domination by the coming world leader. Mark my words, sick homosexual behavior will be normalized before the utter downfall of this society. Throughout history, it happens time and time again just before the fall.

Please end this petition and do not harass the Boy Scouts of America.

James A. Miller

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