Monday, June 18, 2012

Invitation - Psalm Study - A Study of Scripture in Context

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A few months ago I was leading a study on the book of Psalms at Oasis of God Church in St. Charles, MO. At the time I was serving as associate pastor. I very much enjoyed the class and studying with the people involved. The Lord had a plan for my family and I to begin a transformation into some new roles though. In November of 2011 I resigned from my position at Oasis and wrapped up our study at a decent point to suspend the group.

Despite the change in role and location, the Lord has continued to speak to me through the Psalms. I have been further inspired to continue study in the book. After months of not leading a group in this endeavor, I have decided I would like to continue...well, begin again. That being said, I'd like to invite you to study through the Book of Psalm with me. It likely won't be an exhaustive study, but it will be quite in-depth.

My view on scripture is that it is not primarily meant to inspire us, but to teach us. For that reason, we will spend a number of days on each chapter. If you get behind, the "Bible Study" menu link on my blog will take you to a continuously updated outline of the material, and linked posts to previous material. This study will be very much based upon study in context. I don't want to “spiritualize” the content. I am most interested in truth...whether it is spiritual, historical, prophetic, practical, emotional, logical, etc.

For those reading this posting on social media, please visit my blog @ Hope to study with you soon. Please feel free to leave comments as you study.

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