Friday, June 15, 2012

Creativity, Naps, & Caffeine

The wife is away. The little boy is asleep. The dog is outside. I'm hopped up on caffeine. It seemed like a good time to write a brief update.

Dan & Karrie got married this past weekend. Yay! Shortly after they return, our new band, finally named "Floodlight Revolution", will resume rehearsals. We've got 22/24 songs down on our setlist. Most are original material with a few recognizable coves thrown in. The CD tracking is paused for the time being for a studio upgrade, and life stuff like Dan & Karrie's wedding, etc.

Despite everything that's going on in our personal lives, I still find time to squeeze in a little creativity now and again, though I haven't been seriously focused on writing any more new music. When I have time, I have some ideas I'd like to work out.

...and my son is waking up. Time to go. Check out our blog which will become our official website at, or on Facebook at

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