Monday, September 05, 2011


Leading Worship
I'm happy to have had the opportunity to lead worship music a bit lately, twice at Oasis of God in St. Charles, MO,and I get to co-lead again this coming Sunday (9/11) at Chesterfield Community Church along with Stephen Adams from PANDORA's Regret. Other musicians include Rob Ritter (electric guitar), Chris Knoll (keys), and Brian Scott (drums).

Band Progress
Now that we've gotten Steve and Rachel married, the band met for rehearsal yesterday and worked on some more stuff. We've got a variety of fresh original and cover material we're working up, and we're looking forward to serving it to you. As of yet, the band still doesn't have a name. If you'd like to help in the search/decision, consider this:

3 musicians, each bringing a variety of styles to the table. (Hard Rock, Bluegrass, Indie Rock, Jazz, Fusion, Folk, Pop, Country & Western, R & B, Blues...) Catchy/fun/important cover songs (by Foo Fighters, Joe Jackson, The Cure, Switchfoot) Original material: moody ballads, sensitive love songs, retro Rock, angst driven songs of betrayal and resolution; each delivered with a philosophical examination of Biblical principles.

All 3 band members are Christians, and while the goal is not to be pushy, the message and their faith are both fairly direct in an engaging manner. There is truth to be heard and considered by all. We're likely not a "safe" Christian band in the sense that we'd fit on your regular Christian radio station. Probably not one dimensional enough. Yet, TRUTH isn't always safe. Sometimes it's gritty, abrasive, and even painful. It also fills a gap...meets a need. It satisfies a hunger deep within. This is what we aim to feed. We want to be music for the people.

Please help us add to our possible band names. So far:
  1. Sol(o)m(e)n('s) +Vice
  2. Solomon's adVice
  3. Solomanad Vice
  4. LambMiller
  5. Canvas City
  6. J Miller Band
  7. The Teacup Pigs
  8. Street Lights
  9. ...
Hope you're having a great holiday weekend.


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