Friday, March 04, 2011


Well, things are still chugging along. Most people that care probably already know that Denise and I are having a baby. If you didn't know, I'm sorry we missed telling you somehow. Believe me when I say I have no idea who I've told and who I haven't at this point.

I'm also really excited to announce there is going to be a band playing my original music, and more! It looks like the lineup will include 3 former members of 1000 Days. We bring a wealth of eclectic experience to the table. Besides myself, there will be my friend and multiple band collaborator, Dan Deming, on drums. Holding together much of the chordal department will be singer-songwriter & multi-instrumentalist, Steven Lamb. Here's how I expect things will shape up:

Me: Lead & background vocals, electric bass, acoustic & electric guitars, percussion. We'll be playing quite a bit of my original music I suspect, along with probably several rock covers, and a praise & worship set.

Steven Lamb: Acoustic & electric guitars, lead & background vocals, bells, piano, etc. We'll perform selected numbers of Steven's folk repertoire. Check his site out at

Dan Deming: Drums, percussion, samples, grunts, screams, and things that go bang!

Anyway, things are still shaping up. We have our first rehearsal together on this coming Sunday. This will be the first time the three of us have played together since July of 2007. Presently I have 15 songs of my own, with number 16 in the works. Steve has probably just as many. Who knows what Dan has up his sleeve...

I'll report more later. We're very much looking forward to playing. Now if only we can book some shows. I hope there's a scene still out there since I've focused on church music the past couple years...

Hoping to bless your ears in the future,

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