Saturday, January 29, 2011

A Baby and a Band

The below message was supposed to be an email update, but I figured I'd post it on my website as well. If you happen to be reading the feed onto my Facebook, you may have seen this as a note already. Since I'm prefacing all of this, let me excitedly announce that God is in the business of answering prayers. As part of this message, I've made it known that I'm still looking for a guitarist. It seems that prayer may have been answered. More info to come. In the meantime, here's the latest full update. 

Dear friends, fellow members of God's family, ministry supporters, and music lovers:

I would like to solicit your prayer for number of things. The bigger one I can probably sum up shorter...

We're Having a Baby!

Denise and I have a baby on the way. If you received and read our Christmas letter, you're already aware of this. We covet your prayers for this new and exciting adventure. I won't bother to ask for details in prayer, because many of you know better than I where to begin. What we know is we want to raise a child so that he or she may come to know the Lord as we do. In the meantime, there's all sorts of temporal concerns: rearranging the house, vehicles, child-proofing the house, kids are expensive, etc.

The Lord Has Inspired Me

Here's something I can ramble about. I'd like to ask you to pray for my ongoing music project. I am in the process of writing new material, and have recorded a few tracks, but learned God wasn't done inspiring me yet. I continue to tweak some of the songs, and my performance – re-writing, and writing new material. Presently I have 13 original songs, and 1 co-written.

Prayer Requests

So here's what I need from you. PRAYER! Please pray that a fitting guitarist comes our way. Some have had mutual interest, but none have solidified yet. We are seeking a talented, flexible individual, willing to put his/her all into sharing the word of God through music. He/She need be of sound Theology, dependable, humble, musically eclectic, and able to travel some (I'm an associate pastor keep in mind.). A sense of humor is nice too. :-)

Please pray the developing song material brings glory to our Father. Pray the way is prepared before us; to whom and where to perform - reaching those that do not know the Lord, and those in need of strengthening. Please pray for people and resources come together so the band won't have “pay to play” merely for the amusement of Church's complacent portion. (I'm a family man and can't afford to do that!) Pray that Dan Deming (drums/percussion), myself (vocals, electric bass, acoustic guitar), our future guitarist, and any crew, etc, will give our best. Pray we will be worthy of our hire, to the glory of our Father, and benefit of listeners. Finally, pray that we may serve the Lord powerfully in what we do.

Thank You

Thank you for reading this message praying for us. I'll leave you with a listing of the current original song titles and short description.

James A. Miller
on behalf of us all with the “J Miller Band” crew???

James, Denise, & Baby Miller, and Dan Deming


The Music

A typical concert may include 17-21 songs, with some covers thrown in. A 12 song worship set will be available. Rates, band accompaniment, and PA are negotiable, along with most everything else.

Songs & Themes:

1. Bring a Groove - A jazzy light-hearted opener
2. Your Daughter's Dad - Retro Folk-Rock song about involved parenting
3. Spirit - Southern Rock song of redemption
4. Luke - Hard rocker about Christian complacency (lukewarm life for Christ)
5. Pride - Mid-tempo rocker about self-absorbency
6. Forgive - Pop song to remind us "Do not condemn, but forgive."
7. Name - Pop/Rock song about Identity in Christ
8. Longing - R & B song about longing for the new Heaven
9. Naked - Hard Rock song about depravity
10. Long Lost Friend – Country-esque ballad about praying for those beyond our reach
11. Wounds of a Friend - Betrayal represented in Blues Rock
12. Isaiah's Promise - A Reggae tune about a fallen world being renewed
13. Oasis Song - A instrumental sense of wonder, with a middle-eastern flair
14. Pushing - A Fusion tune of chaos & resolution


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