Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Songwriting Progress - 10 Songs!

Over the past few months I have been songwriting whenever I could. I have 10 songs as of right now. We'll see how many making it past the chopping block. Originally I began to record some demo tracks merely to recruit 1-2 musicians for live performance, but due to a number of circumstances at this stage in life, I realized I would be using my time more wisely if I would record a full-blown project now, rather than waiting until next year.

In the past week I've begun tracking for this new CD, tentatively titled "Pariah". Of course recording an entire album of material is a time consuming project, especially when you attempt to do other things in life besides play music. Check back for updates if you want to know how things are going. In the meantime, here are the tentative track titles in no particular order, along with the wide range of subject material that is addressed.

If you're a fellow Christian, or ministry supporter, I ask that you would please bathe my entire project in prayer, from it's recording, production, distribution, and eventual live performance. It is my goal to use what music I can produce to glorify God and benefit people that encounter it.

Thank you!

  1. Wounds of a Friend - Betrayal & forgiveness
  2. Your Daughter's Dad - Parenting
  3. Longing - Longing for heaven, and perhaps a better situation
  4. Isaiah's Promise - God's purpose in human affairs
  5. I Seek Your Spirit - Seeking God's favor
  6. Long Lost Friend - Loyalty
  7. Name - Identity
  8. Luke (Co-written by Tim & Mike Siebe, and myself) - Indecisiveness
  9. Pride - Self-absorbency
  10. Repent - Repentance

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