Monday, July 05, 2010

Site & Music Updates

Well, the site has been updated with a new look, including slight changes in layout. Hope you enjoy. I was tired of the old look. This looks very fresh to me.

Also something quite a bit more exciting to me is an update on the music front. Recently I wrote 7 new songs. I have 3 more in the works if I can ever stay in one place long enough to complete them. As of right now, I've begun tracking demos for the new songs. It is yet undetermined whether I'll be performing these with PANDORA's Regret, solo, with another band, or if someone other than me may play them. I'll post updates here.

The new songs cover a variety of relevant topics, and often conflicts, and offer solid philosophy from a Biblical worldview. Upon listening, I think you'll find you can relate.

More later...perhaps after I return from Florida and Colorado.

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