Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Lyrics: Three Legged Squirrel

I was walking down the street one day
When I saw a little red man at my feet
He waved his arms and wagged his tongue
But tried to be discreet

He said oh bean, I’ve got this thing
That’ll make your life complete
Just sign right here on the dotted line
upon this fiery sheet
so I signed right there on the dotted line
to make my life complete
he smiled at me as he laughed out loud
as he rolled up the fiery sheet
as I turned around I had this thought
so I turned around again
what if I don’t like this deal
can I bring it to an end
as he danced a jig and drank a swig
he pulled out the fiery sheet
you sold your soul you must pay the toll
or perform this impossible feat
there’s a 3 legged squirrel that lives in a bowl
down in a hole on top of a pole
to pay the toll you must pinch the mole
as it says on this fiery sheet
so you’ve got 3 days you poor young fool
to reverse what you’ve done
so he clicked his heels and laughed again
and poof he was gone
so I said to myself
self you’ve only got one soul
so I best start trying to find
the 3 legged squirrel and his mole
so I took one step…and another
then another
and then another
but I was rather unsure of where I was going
so how does one find a three legged squirrel
with a mole in a bowl atop a pole
to gain control and save my soul I sold on the fiery sheet
So, I did what any logical person would do
I asked the old warty woman
Hugging the yellow sweat-stained pillow
Sitting inside the weeping willow
How do I obtain freedom from my situation
And she said it was simple

Nobody’s perfect
We’re all just the same
We are all in the hands of another man’s writing of plays
I’ve been used
These strings are abusing me the puppet man is cold
Holding out my arms making me dance
Crying out I scream there must be more than this
Freedom laughs as it runs away from me
Jaded by imposters I recognize I’ve misjudged everything

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