Thursday, December 10, 2009

Kingshighway Baptist Church Youth

KBC Youth...where have you gone? What has happened? I'm alarmed, saddened, and hurt when I see what some of you have done with your lives. Yet some I proudly observe living their lives for YHWH. That makes me very happy. ...But this evening my heart is heavy seeing pictures, comments, and stories of those living in rebellion, not giving a care and wasting the gift that was given by our Lord. Former KBC youth, I poured my heart, soul, time, sleep, energy, money, sweat, and tears into you. Our Lord lived in the flesh, suffered, and died for you...
So that your life would not have to be a sad story of wasted life spent making opportunities for sleezy Facebook pictures, excessive alcohol drinking, and sexual promiscuity. The price was paid in love for you! You break my heart!

Shall I name names? I prefer not to do so. I don't want to embarrass you. This is a plea from one who cares, for you to consider your actions. Your name is either recorded in God's book of life, or it is not.

I know I'm not a perfect man, minister, or example. I give all I can though, and I can merely rely upon the grace I've been preaching for several years now. I pray you may never blame me when you face the consequences of a life of rebellion. Please turn back to the Lord.

For those who are faithful. Thank you for listening to a man who has wanted so desperately for you to know the joy and purpose found in a life with Christ. I pray that you continue in your walk, knowing I, as your brother, am praying for you, and always available to you. Furthermore where I fail, the Lord will not. I love you. If I don't see you in the near future, I'll be reunited with you one day in Heaven with Jesus.

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