Monday, November 09, 2009

Goodbye to Jay Arthur

Dear friends, family, ministry supporters, and music fans, today we morning the passing of my alter ego – Jay Arthur. Jay was a weirdo instrumentalist. He was a figment of my imagination. Jay was conceived when I began writing fiction and music some 17 years or so ago. These pieces of art were expressive of my own personal development, though sometimes in fictional framework separate from the reality in which I have lived. As time carried on, Jay grew weak, and was overpowered by the personality of the individual that gave him life. Jay was to be a weirdo, an outcast, a creative rebel, writing music, poetry, and fiction in original works and into to the projects of others. He provided a great companion for such trysts without tarnishing the name of one who once was not comfortable in his own skin. Jay represented individualism without a cohesive bond to a name.

Jay Arthur met his demise when a fiercely creative soul tore him asunder from the soul he sought to inhabit. God had given this creative soul a purpose, a mission, a means, and a name of which Jay Arthur was only a shell. Jay was friendly and comforting, if short, but not real. Arthur was always a second class citizen, unable to recognize the gifts given by God Himself. This ego would never find his destiny as a Miller.

So today I have terminated the life of alter ego Jay Arthur in order to make a declaration of trust in the one that created me: my personality though rejected by some, my weird sense of humor, my sometimes unconventional way of operating, my linear method of processing, and my dedication to speak truth above all else. For these things I have both gained and lost the trust of some along the way. Today let it be known that I rightfully take hold of the identity that is mine, though a common name, an uncommon person. I was created with forever in mind. I was bought with the greatest price. What I will become has not been fully revealed. What can be seen is I am a man, a husband, a father, a friend, a pastor, a failure, a work of redemption, and ultimately a child of God.

While Jay Arthur was a creative outlet for my own artistic purposes, the old man certainly is gone, and the new has come. The old man died April 19th, 1993, when this new person was born of the Spirit. Today I am and forever will be the named by my earthly parents, and adopted by God, as James Arthur Miller.

My hope and prayer is that you too will become comfortable in your own skin. The alter ego was fun for a time, but I felt it was becoming a distraction from what I truly want to say as a musician in order to reflect the creativity of the ultimate artist, my Father. That being said, please email me if you too would like to discover who God truly meant for you to be.

Furthermore, I will be taking down all “Jay Arthur” related things on the web. Make sure you have my current information in your address book.

James A. Miller

Cell: 314-308-2235
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Unknown said...

Wow. I can relate. Tod Agnew wrote a song about ; 'they gotta call me by my new name', or close to that...
What you said/did is a gift of deep & beautiful insight from the Lord.
B well.
Oh yea, to a fellow bassist; carry on!

James A. Miller said...

Thank you very much Scott!

FWIW, it is my view that an artist can have no better fulfillment than for his/her art (in whatever form) to reflect the creativity of the ultimate Artist, YHWH.

I'll check out the Todd Agnew song.

Heya Scott, are you on Send me a message via email/Facebook/some IM.