Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Proud Band Leader

I must say I'm a proud band leader. I'm really proud of my band members in the worship band of The Oasis. This summer has been kind of crazy with various ones being gone on trips, etc. Today we regrouped to practice songs for this coming Sunday morning church service. We needed to spend a little extra time on some pieces here and there, but the band members worked hard. It's great to watch them grow and experiment as musicians, and teenagers growing into adults.

Oasis Worship Band is:
  • Braden Mabry: electric & acoustic guitar, vocals
  • Alyssa Mabry: piano, vocals
  • Kate Mabry: drums, percussion, piano, vocals
  • Sydni Davis: vocals, percussion, drums
  • James Miller: worship band leader, vocals, electric bass, guitar,

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