Friday, July 24, 2009


So for most of this year I've been sleeping in a biphasic pattern. At times I've thought it was great, and it meets my needs for my regular schedule between being a worship leader/associate pastor, and working part time for FedEx. The problem is, there are constant "exceptions" to my normal schedule I have to make, which means my sleep pattern gets messed up, and I don't get the right amount of hours at the right time. In short, this isn't working because I'm not consistent.

So instead of continuing to whine about this sleep thing, to the annoyance probably of everyone around me, I'm making one (hopefully) last big whine about it on here to say I'm going nocturnal. I should be able to be up in the evenings, spend time with family, work for my church, do my househubby duties, work at FedEx, and finish the day off as everyone else is starting. I know it will take a few days to adjust. So, here's day 1. I hope this works. I'd like to actually be alert and able to hold a conversation when with family/friends/in band practice/Bible study/church activities/not in a daze.

Oh yeah, and right now I'm on an induced caffeine high. Hopefully I can keep this up until I get through FedEx in the morning, just in time to crash for a day of sleep.

Must go now! I have things to do!

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