Tuesday, June 30, 2009

New Band: Pandora's Regret

I'm pleased to announce that my friend Dan Deming (drummer: 1000 days, formerly Paint the Earth, Asaph), and I are the new rhythm section for rock ministry band Pandora's Regret. We are joining vocalist/guitarist Brent Griffith, and guitarist/vocalist Stephen Adams. I'll be filling out the sound with bass and vocals, while Dan brings his intricate brand of jazzy rock percussion goodness.

Pandora's Regret is a Christian ministry band that focuses on building relationships with men through secular and Christian rock cover music. For far too long the Western church has been feminized, so much so that many men do not find a place in which they belong. It is tragic that men, who are designed to be the spiritual leaders of their families, do not feel they have a place in the great family of God.

I'll post more updates regarding the progress of Pandora's Regret in the coming weeks.

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