Sunday, June 21, 2009

In the past two years I have been contacted by a number of Christian ministry bands that were interested, and even in some cases, "waiting" for me to become a part of their ministry. Several times the music aspect has sounded very interesting. In other cases, there were other aspects that I found more interesting. Regardless, I have either turned down most of those opportunities or quickly came to an agreement that those positions were not for me. Several years ago I dedicated my music to the service of the Lord. Since then I have almost exclusively played in Christian bands, with the few exceptions being secular bands in which I actively engaged in a personal evangelistic mission.

Last year I found myself in an interesting situation. With all of these bands not working for one reason or another, and my continual status as a hired gun for two years, I assumed my use of music ministry would continue outside the church when possible. In the time being I would focus much more on my preaching ministry. I had already been pastoring a house church the majority of this two year period. I wasn't horribly unhappy. I did however wonder what God might have in store for my music skills, if anything. Then unexpectedly I found our house church combining with another such congregation. I had been praying for a mentor to continue learning as a pastor. The combined church is known as The Oasis of God. There are plenty of behind the scenes type jobs to be done with Oasis. So I was rather excited by the possibility of serving as the Associate Pastor. The real twist though was that the church needed a worship leader.

So here I am, ten months later, still serving as the worship leader for The Oasis, and loving it. I feel like I'm growing both as a minister and musician. Sounds good enough right? Maybe. Maybe not. Who knows what God has in store. There is yet again another possibility on the horizon. 1000 Days drummer Dan Deming and I have a meeting this Tuesday with a band that does men's ministry, both in the church, and outside through a cover band. This could potentially be a good growth avenue for Dan and I both in using our talents to serve the Lord. So, we'll see what will happen. Regardless, I'm happy to hear about this men's ministry. I have no doubt it is sorely needed by many.

Alright, I'm on vacation. Time to resume. I think I hear the Pacific Ocean calling me.

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