Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Back Injury, New Church Building

Well, the past several weeks have been nuts! I've been working 60+ hours per week between FedEx and The Oasis. There's developments in both areas. First off, I sustained a back injury last Thursday morning at FedEx, which sent me home in a great deal of pain. I'm slowly recovering. Looks like I have several weeks to go until I'm back to normal.

Also I'm excited to announce that my church, Oasis of God, has leased a building and will be moving into it very soon. Fortunately we have plenty of able bodies to move equipment. I'll be assembling what I can when my back is cooperating. As of right now standing/walking for more than a few minutes completely tires me out. At least I can mostly stand up straight. That's a big improvement since Sunday.

Alright, it's way past my bedtime. More later.

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