Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Tender and Just Father

What's God doing in your life? What's He telling you or teaching you lately? Think about it. Are you listening?

Recently God has been reminding me how much the people of the U.S. are turning their backs against Him. I see the parallel between the present U.S. and Judah as described in the first few chapters of Jeremiah. God is sick of people that are identified by His name pretending that they have a right relationship with Him. God desires that we live our lives in relationship to Him, not make showy sacrifices and payments of lip service.

As I read the words God spoke to Jeremiah, I see the character of Christ. I wish that so many immature Christians, and non-believers for that matter, understood the fullness of God in Jesus the Christ.

Thank you Lord for your justice, grace, mercy, and love. There could be no better friend than You, my Father.

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