Thursday, April 09, 2009

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Dan Deming (drummer: 1000 Days, Asaph, formerly Paint the Earth) and I have been tracking play-along tracks for The Oasis Worship Band. For those not in the know, I'm leading the worship band for my church, called The Oasis, based out of St. Charles, Missouri. The band began in October of 2008 and is comprised of mostly beginner musicians. It's a real joy to work with them. To help them combat some of the pitfalls of beginner musicians, Dan and I have been putting together some play-along tracks for them over the past couple of weeks. Hm. Since we've purchased music, etc, I'm now hoping it's legal to record this stuff since its basically for educational purposes... We're certainly not looking to make a profit off the stuff, so.... Yeah, anyway, that all gets into a headache for me. As I was saying, hopefully Dan and I will have the play-along tracks done soon. Perhaps I'll even post some stuff on here if any of you reading are interested in using this stuff for your own personal development. That being said, Christian musicians, I highly recommend the Worship Together series of books for P & W stuff.

Daniel Ornellas

Last week I had the blessing of attending a Worship Together Live conference. I found it to be quite helpful with some areas I need to grow in as a teacher of teenage musicians. The fact is, I find it much easier to be a professional musician than I do a teacher, but I enjoy the challenges (generally) of both... I've digressed. While at the conference I was pleased to get to meet and hang with Daniel Ornellas (Tree63, Naked Lyric, Out of Eden, BarlowGirl, Paul Colman, Brenton Brown). He's a very cool dude to hang with, a brother in Christ, and generally rocks! I wasn't familiar with him prior to the conference, though I've heard his playing many times. I must admit he just gained a fan.

Daniel, kudos to you. Thanks for the gear talk. I'll have some recorded examples of stuff we talked about in the very near future when I have time to finish up and mix stuff down.


This past Sunday evening was pretty interesting. I grew up in rural Missouri, USA, listening to country music, but playing primarily classical and jazz on trumpet. Eventually God led me to playing bass, where I've played a fairly wide variety of styles. I never got back to my roots of country and bluegrass though. Well, Sunday I had my chance. At Corinth General Baptist Church near Puxico, MO I contrasted the usual bass stylings a bit during the evening worship service, and then again for about an hour of jamming after church with the pastor and other bluegrass pickin' friends. I think I can hang with most when it comes to complex progressive rockin' stuff, but bluegrass is a different kind of challenge. I'd like to think I was being fairly teachable. All in all, it was fun, and a learning experience. Props to all those who hold it down in bluegrass. P.S. I murdered the bluegrass tone with my modern sound at first...but I did reign it in a bit by the end. :-)

More later... Must sleep.

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Steve said...

I loved the album Tree63, but I'm not a big fan of their more recent stuff.