Tuesday, February 24, 2009

New Computers & Ubuntu

Well, I'm finally doing something about my recent computer issues. I've rebuilt my old pc with a few changes. All of my most important data and backup drives are not in it as of now though. It has two new drives and a couple of new burners. Also I've permanently dedicated it to Ubuntu. So far I'm absolutely loving it! Sometime today I'll add the TV & FM tuners and it will officially become my multimedia PC in the living room. Also this machine will be receiving backups across the network. Yay!

Hopefully I'll have time today to complete my new main machine. I'm waiting on the 2 512MB video cards to come in. This machine will get two monitors, and will probably dual boot Ubuntu and Windows XP.

Any other Ubuntu fans out there? I've been converting for a while. My wireless cards have never wanted to work in it, but since the machines that we only using wireless will soon have a wired connection, there's nothing to stop me. My systems run better with Linux, and they suit my needs better. What more could I ask for?

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