Friday, February 06, 2009

New Band?

So, it looks like I may have a new band. I'm leading The Oasis Worship Band, which is my primary commitment in addition to serving as the associate pastor for The Oasis church. I play a monthly gig with a jazz improv group called Asaph. I've not committed to doing a solo project, though at times it seems interesting to me. So what brings on the possibility of a new band?

Well, honestly I haven't been looking for one at all. I've had several possibilities over the last several months. I've had some sub calls, amongst some trying to recruit me. One of those calls I received was to play a one-off gig with a group of musicians I have played in bands with before, plus one guitarist that I did not know. Today that guitarist/vocalist/band leader and I met, jammed a little, and discussed the possibility. This evening I met his other guitarist. Anyway, I suppose I don't know what will happen at this point, but it's a very real possibility. In two days I'll meet again with the aforementioned members and the drummer. I must say I'm interested in this band for the level of commitment they are expressing in serving the Lord, and the level of musical proficiency. Check back here in the future if you want to know more.

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