Tuesday, February 10, 2009

New Band Followup: Flood The Deserts

Well, I thought it was for certain that I would be officially a member of the band Flood The Deserts. I got together with them this past Sunday afternoon. There was no talk of whether I was officially in or not. David Larash, the passionate band leader, has a heart for sharing the love of God and the joy of worshiping with a fierce intensity.

I've been praying about Sunday's meeting. I was totally stoked to get together with David a few days ago. I know we're on the same page in our passion for ministry. Despite that though, Sunday was a little awkward...perhaps for a variety of reasons. Just a bit ago I received a call from David, confirming my thoughts. Certainly the music isn't a technical challenge for me. Something just didn't sit right though. These guys I believe have their hearts in the right place. They are top notch musicians. So what isn't right?

I think that I probably do not need to be a full member of Flood The Deserts. I talked it over with David, who was having the same thoughts. I like how he said it. Just because everyone is right doesn't mean they are right together. Sounds a bit cheesy perhaps, but it fits. Flood The Deserts is not my place.

That being said, please pray for Flood The Deserts as they set out on this journey. The message is Christian. The style I would say is progressive rock/metal. As I said, they are excellent musicians. I expect they will have some great stuff. As for me, I will be cheering them on, and trying to throw some resources their way when possible.

Flood The Deserts is:
David Larash: Lead Vocals, Guitar
Mike O'Shea: Lead Guitar
TBD: Bass
Jared Wertin: Drums

David, Mike, & Jared, go flood the deserts of mankind's hearts with Christ!

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