Thursday, February 05, 2009

I sent out an email newsletter a bit ago for my church plant Impact Worship. In short we've combined with another church plant called The Oasis. The full explanation is below.


Update 2-5-09

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Joining Forces

The Impact Worship staff is proud to announce we have officially joined forces with a concurrent church plant called The Oasis. Impact Worship has operated as a house church since it's inception in April 2007. The non-traditional format church has actively sought the will of God for ministering to those that are disenfranchised from the traditional church. For seekers considering accepting Christ, and relegated church members alike, Impact Worship has fostered an environment of setting aside traditional beliefs and church activities with the goal of investigating scriptural truths and their application. The modus operandi is that tradition tends to develop because people are creatures of habit, but first we must make sure that we are seeking truth in obedience to God. The group discovered that relationship must come before religion. Thus Impact Worship adopted early on the slogan, “God's Family, Our Family”. The slogan represents the two most important non-self relationships that were discovered through investigative scripture study at Impact Worship weekly meetings.

Unbeknown to Impact Worship founders James and Denise Miller, another ministering couple whom they are friends with, had also begun the same journey toward a church plant about the same time that Impact Worship was in its formative stages. Both couples were at times frustrated with the lack of support due to denominational factions in the church during the research toward forming a house church. God was not going to allow the people He had called to be put off. Despite all odds, both church plants began, and through a series of divine events were directed together. Brian and Michelle Mabry began Salt Ministries in 2008 as the support organization for The Oasis – their own non-traditional church. Impact Worship began with 3 people. The Oasis began with the Mabry family of 7. Today the church combined group goes by The Oasis and runs a typical attendance of 35 for Sunday morning Gatherings. Throughout the week are numerous activities with various other attendees also. At present time the growing church is looking for a new location near St. Charles, MO.

Information Update

As of the time of this newsletter, has been taken down. All further information on The Oasis can be found at the website Any Impact Worship relevant mailings may be sent directly to James & Denise Miller at 12054 Glenrose Dr. - Maryland Heights, MO 63043. James and Denise may be contacted at the following email/phone numbers:

James A. Miller
cell: 314-308-2235

Denise Miller
cell: 314-308-2060

The Future Support of Hosanna Children's Home

Impact Worship has been a proud sponsor of Hosanna Children's Home in Githunguri, Kenya. The church has been able to raise funding for improvements on the orphanage's property, school fees for the children, some specific needs, and general funding. The fact is, these wonderful kids have great potential, and there is so much more support that is needed. Impact Worship has split off its support of Hosanna Children's Home, with the board discussing the formation of a separate non-profit sponsoring organization. Future business meetings will decide the direction of these activities. There is also a hope that an aid mission trip to Hosanna will occur in early 2010. Please support Impact Worship in this final act under its name for the well being of Hosanna children, so that our Lord's name will be glorified.


James & Denise Miller, and the Impact Worship crew want to thank you for your faithful support of our ministry. It really isn't our ministry at all. It's the Lord's ministry, and we've been allowed to participate in a small way in a few areas. We appreciate your cooperation with us in serving the Lord. We couldn't have done what we have without you. Please contact us if you have any questions or thoughts you'd like to share.

Closing Thoughts

We are looking forward to our future of serving at The Oasis, developing a lasting support for Hosanna Children's Home. Then of course there is James' musician alter-ego Jay Arthur, who plays in a variety of bands. Rumor has it he may become a member of a Christian rock outfit in addition to his current jazz improv group “Asaph”, or that he might even release a solo project... Whatever the case, “Jay” is having a blast collaborating with various artists, and leading The Oasis Worship Band. Check out his website: for further information.

Basic Christianity
  • Love God
  • Love People

Advanced Christianity
  • Love God
  • Love People

Take care and keep in touch.

In Christ,

James & Denise Miller

Coincidence is God's way of remaining anonymous.

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