Thursday, December 11, 2008

Project Bass Update: Bridges, Tails, Bodies, & Wings

The past couple of days I have gotten a bit more work done on my slowly evolving project bass. Yesterday I made a tailpiece in case I decide to go with 16mm string spacing. That's a bit tight for most bassists I'd say, but it's what I prefer, especially since I now primarily play with the addition of a pick. The string spacing doesn't present a problem for me in picking however, I must say narrow spacing makes chords much easier. Most of my basses have 19mm spacing. That's what the bridge I purchased for the project bass has also. So the question that remains is whether I will use the one I purchased, or if I will finish building a separate bridge-tailpiece assembly. This really is the heart of the matter of why my project bass is not complete after so long. It's indecision. The next one will go much quicker because I will have made up my mind better what I want, and what I can achieve (I think...).

Today I made a bit more progress. I cut out the body wing blanks, did a test fit, and determined how I will plane them along with the body core using a template I have yet to construct. Perhaps tomorrow or over the weekend I will find time to build the template. Unless indecision strikes again, I suppose we will see.


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Yeah, I was too lazy to take pics at the time. I'll try to post pics sometime soon, but it won't be today.