Friday, December 19, 2008

New Play-Along Tracks

I'm pleased to say that Dan Deming and I recorded a couple of play-along tracks last night. They're for teaching purposes for my church band members/students. Dan the totally awesome drums. I laid down the vocals and bass. Today I rough mixed them for the students to practice with. Yes, I know they're missing part of the vocals, two guitar parts, and a keyboard. They're both fairly popular songs in Christian music and church circles, so download the chords/tabs, figure them out yourself, or buy the sheet music, then give them a try. If you do happen to buy the sheet music someplace, know that I've adapted these songs for our own purposes. Alright, enjoy.

Play-Along Tracks
  • Rhythm for Him – You Lifted Me Out (Chris Tomlin cover with vocals, bass, & drums only)
  • Rhythm for Him – One Way (Hillsong cover with vocals, bass, & drums only)

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