Thursday, November 06, 2008

A Heavy Heart

I had always intended to keep this blog fairly lighthearted, yet today I am going to break with that tradition because I also intend for this blog to always be true. I could leave out the things that make me sad, but then the blog wouldn't be an accurate thought stream of my own existence... Also I have never wanted to be political. Today I will break both traditions. Let preface by saying I am not a creature that is naturally attracted to politics. Something has struck a nerve and I will share...

Two days ago the United States elected one Barack Hussein Obama as our nation's president. He's a smooth talker. I don't think he has the greatest ideas on the political side, so I was not inclined to give my vote to him. Yet I didn't like his leading opponent either. Of course in the U.S., despite there being other candidates, you basically are throwing your vote away if you are not voting for one of the two major parties. So I chose to vote for John McCain not for his own merit, but because of the possible horror of having Barack Obama as president.

As many of you know, my wife and I have a strong connection to Kenya. We have friends and family there. In December of 2007 the country held their national election for president. Running against incumbent president Kibaki was the Orange Democratic Movement's Raila Odinga. Odinga is the cousin of Barack Obama. Odinga lost the election by approximately 233,000 votes, but much like the Democratic party in the United States, he and his people cried foul. "So he's a sore loser. What's the big deal?" I'll tell you.

What the major news media won't tell you is that Odinga is a Luo tribesman affiliated with Obama's father when Odinga's communist father was Kenya's first vice president after Kenyan independence and Obama's father was a Harvard-educated economist working in the Jomo Kenyatta government. Obama campaigned openly for Odinga for president in 2006 when Obama was in Kenya on a U.S. Senate "fact-finding" mission. Kenya's president Kibaki asked Obama to stop interfering with Kenyan presidential politics. Obama raised an alleged $1 million for Odinga to run for president in Kenya in December 2007, adding to the $1 million raised for Odinga's 2007 presidential campaign by Libyan dictator Moammar Gadhafi. When he lost the election, Odinga called for protests which led his Luo tribesmen to murder approximately 1,000 Kikuyu tribesman, displace another 350,000 Kikuyu tribesmen and destroy 800 churches, while not a single mosque was destroyed.

What does all of this have to do with us? Well, the main stream media won't tell you that it was militant Muslim Luos (Odinga's tribe) that were slaughtering Christian Kikuyus (Kibaki's tribe). Barack Obama helped negotiate a settlement in which Odinga was appointed co-head-of-state and appointed prime minister to end the violence, even after it became publicly disclosed Odinga signed a letter of understanding with radical Muslims in Kenya in return for their votes. Today along with president Mwai Kibaki, Kenya must also reserve an office for their new position of Prime Minister for Raila Odinga.

Why does all of this personally concern me? Allow me to list.
  1. I am a Christian (a real one, not a political or cultural one), and I do not want Christians to suffer though I trust in God's provision and allowance.
  2. Islam is a false religion distracting many from the truth found through Jesus Christ. It comes from Hell and its chief inhabitant, Satan.
  3. Part of my family is from Kenya. They are Christians and a Kikuyus. They were not unaffected by the months of violence in Kenya.
  4. The United States is a Post Christian nation which has turned it's back on God.
  5. The United States has just elected as president a man who is sympathetic (even supportive) with the enemies of God and His people.
This makes me sad. Perhaps I had lost sight of how far my country has fallen. Let this serve as a wake up call for all American Christians. This is no longer a Christian nation. Our primary citizenship is not in this nation. We are citizens of Heaven and members of the family of God. As for now, our freedoms are being eroded away. I believe they will continue to do so at an increasing rate. Our Father will allow this for a time so that we may share the truth of Jesus Christ with all who will listen. Most will reject. Let us remember these things. In the meantime, pray like never before and prepare for persecution.


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