Monday, September 08, 2008

Project Bass Update

For all not already in the know, I've been pittling with a project bass since about March of 2007. It will hopefully be a fully functional 5 string fretless when I'm done. It has gone through many revisions since I started. This is my first build ever. I've made lots of mistakes. Anyway, I keep trucking on. Ok, I keep crawling on would be more like it. Sometimes I don't touch it for months at a time. 

Looks like this bass is going to be maple with 10+ year old pine body wings. Pine normally isn't something you'd use for a project like this, but as old as it is, it's very dry. The pine came from my father-in-law when my wife's parents moved. If he says it's 10+ years old, I'd double that number. Like I said, it's dry. 

I'm almost at the point that I'm going to have to commit to a body style. It has a headstock, but it's not too late to change it to a headless design. When I say I'm building this bass, I mean I'm building it from scratch. It's quite and undertaking for figuring things out myself (my choice), and building absolutely every part that I can. If I chicken out on some things I have bought some hardware, including a bridge, tuners, and knobs. I won't be making the pots or capacitor... I will be winding my own pickups though. 

So here's the specs on what this bass will probably end up with: 

Scale: 35"
Strings: 5
Frets: fretless
Pickups: single string humbucking jazz style of my own design
Neck: rather thick, dual steel rod reinforced, set neck
Wood: maple neck and body core with aged pine body wings
Finish: chrome silver body and hardware with lacquered fingerboard

I'm an odd guy, and this will probably be quite an odd bass. In keeping with such a theme, I'm considering one more detail. I may string this thing up as a piccolo when done for use on my solo music. Guess we'll see. 


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