Tuesday, September 02, 2008


Is integrity from musicians too much to ask? I mean really? Yeah, I know some of you reading this will think I'm nuts. That's your choice. This really goes out to my fellow Christian musicians. Folks, think about this. Do the lyrics of the songs you're doing with whoever in whatever band really glorify our Lord? Do your actions at your most recent show glorify Him? Do you think objectionable songs and actions belong in the house of the Lord? Do you think they are any more acceptable in the marketplace of the world we have been called to minister to?

If you seriously think that it is OK to play a sexually suggestive song in the church, I would strongly urge you to consider what your true motivation is. Let me remind us all that no one can discern another's motivations, but the "fruit that we bear", our actions, give testimony to what is likely going on inside. Don't believe this nonsense that we are not to judge. We are to judge! To judge is to examine and discern. We are not to condemn. Let us not allow the shortcomings of the structure and application of the modern English language to deceive us into shirking responsibility.

You know all of those WWJD (What Would Jesus Do) bracelets that were all the rage for a while? Well think about it. If Jesus were standing front row in your audience at your next performance, would you want to sing that song? Would you make that comment? Don't give me this crap (yes, this is Biblically justified language) about how Jesus is your buddy and He wouldn't condemn you for it. First off, if you are in Christ, you are not condemned for any of your sinful actions. Secondly, forgiveness does not release any person from the obligatory standard of perfect excellence that God requires in the conduct of His children. We should honor God with our actions because we love Him! The fact that we no longer face the threat of punishment should further encourage us to love and honor our Father.

So, here's my call to fellow Christian musicians once again. "Bad to the Bone" doesn't belong in the church. We are to be "in the world, but not of it", not "in and of the world", and not "not in or of the world". Option 1 is what Jesus has commanded us to be about. Option 2 does not honor God, and anyone who espouses it should probably question the sincerity of their salvation. If you're going to be of the world, you can't be of God. If you're going to be of God, you can't be of the world. Option 3 typifies the traditional American church attitude that has allowed a full 2+ generations of Americans to be almost completely void of solid theological indoctrination. Let me see if I can sum this up better.

1. = Obedience to Christ
2. = Hypocrisy, or Unsaved
3. = Ineffective, disobedient, dying Church which leads to our present Post-Christian United States of America.

Musicians, your conduct matters. Let's glorify our Lord!

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