Monday, September 29, 2008

Project Bass Update: Body Core

I finished the maple core of my 5 string fretless project bass today. I also started working on the pine body wings only to discover a couple of alarming things. One, the giant old pine board my father-in-law gave me is grease least part of the surface is. I don't know if I'll be able to clean it up enough to use it. I'm going to attempt.

The second majorly alarming discovery I made was when I went to turn on the ceiling fan to improve the ventilation in my shop. I flipped the switch and heard humming, but felt no wind, and didn't hear any air movement. Hm...odd. I looked up to find that the fan couldn't move for the extremely dense spider web holding it in place. The web strained, but the fan wasn't going anywhere! Yikes! I then saw the spider the size of a tennis ball sitting on top of the motor. Double yikes! *Shiver* Oh my gosh I hate spiders! Mostly because I'm scared to death of them.

So I think I'm done with working on my project bass today, or any day until I don a can of hairspray and a long BBQ grill lighter. Hopefully I don't burn the place down. I'm gonna torch that sucker! I long to hear the joyous sound of "Eeeeeee! Ppffftt..." when that spider burns and puffs into one final explosive ball of flame and smoke. In the meantime, my skin is crawling and my mind is haunted by whatever it was the spider had webbed to one of the fan blades. I'm pretty sure it was a hummingbird...or eagle...or ostrich.

Crap! I left my dog out there. Hey, how is he levitating? Uh oh... Gotta go!

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Holly said...

Moses, dear sweet Moses!