Wednesday, June 22, 2005

6-22-05 - Print Web Site Up


Welcome to the new Print web site. It's under construction as you can see. I hope to have the site fully functional by the time the new demo is finished.
Anyway, a little about Print. First off, old Prodigal Mile fans rejoice! Print is made up of former members of the Christian rock band Prodigal Mile, with added members from the once praise & worship band, The Unrevealed. A couple of members from both of those bands left for personal reasons. Print evolved from a period of refocusing on making original music that is praising to our Lord God and his Gospel of Jesus Christ, while seeking an unchurched audience.

Musically, Print is developing into a harder style than Prodigal Mile ever was, and certainly more so than The Unrevealed. As I mentioned, we're currently in the middle of writing and recording a demo. Once finished, we're going to need all the volunteers we can get to spread the word, and help out at shows. If you're interested in helping out, or booking us, please contact us! Hope to see you soon.

Last but certainly not least, I have a prayer request. I just got a phone call from Tim. He's missing our practice/recording session tonight because he got bit by something...possibly a spider. He seems to be having a rough time and has some odd streaking. Thank you for your prayers.

-In Christ,

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